10 Best Electric Longboards 2023

Electric skateboard for commuting is becoming highly popular among adults, teens, and even kids. Among various categories of e-boards, one of the most demanded and highly popular ones are electric longboards.

Before discussing the long list of best electric longboards, I would like to discuss what is an electric longboard?

What is an Electric Longboard?

An electric longboard is similar to an electric skateboard that allows you to commute within the city without worrying about traffic congestion, parking spaces, and narrow streets. However, electric longboard’s deck is usually bigger in size and offers more space to the rider

If you are a beginner, you can buy an electric longboard to get yourself trained and skilled enough. Moreover, you need to have some cost-effective options.

It is time to move to our main topic and dive into the top 10 best electric longboards you can buy. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Electric Longboards 2022

1. Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard (Best Longboard for Students)

If you are wondering what electric longboard suits your daily commute without emitting carbon and other dangerous fluids in the air, then the Backfire G2 Electric Longboard is a perfect fit for you. Especially if you are looking for the best longboards for beginners, the Backfire G2 won’t disappoint you. Here’s what you need to know about this electric longboard. 

No need to do any guesswork about what speed you are driving at. The G2 Electric Longboard with remote comes with an LCD. Check your battery level and never run out of juice with the help of a digital screen remote control. 

Also, select from three sports modes including eco mode (for a gentle ride), sport mode (for high speed), and reverse gear (for backward and forward movement). Take control of your hands with all the details about your longboard. 

Whether you are buying an electric skateboard for a beginner or an expert, riding experience and speed depend on the motor. Backfire G2 is equipped with 400w hub motors to give you the throttle needed for acceleration. 

Without a warranty, your investment would be at a high stake. But Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard gives you the peace and guarantee for what’s being provided. Get 180 days limited warranty from the date of buying. Claim any defective parts integrated into the electric skateboard and never spend a dime. 

Why I Recommend

  • Three Speed Modes 
  • Best for Daily COmmute to the School
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Lesser Noise
  • 180 Day Warranty 

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Better Skateboards in Same Price 

2. Caroma 36″ Electric Skateboard (Best Longboard for Kids and Teens)

Buying an electric longboard offers you convenience and ease when stepping up the board and riding. Novice and professionals can easily adjust to the board without worrying about stepping outside the board. Caroma 36 inch Electric Skateboard Longboard is one addition every skateboarder must consider. Here are some of the features that made us pick it in the top electric longboard. 

Caroma Electric Longboard Skateboard comes with no less than 2 motors each having a capacity of 350W. With a powerful motor, you can expect a speed up to 15.6mph without being too noisy. For the street commute, go as low as 6.5Mph and adjust to the middle as much as 9.5Mph. 

Did your electric longboard run out of charge – there is nothing to worry about because it will help you to ride like a normal skateboard. Reach your destination without taking the pain. 

Caroma Electric Skateboard has a powerful battery of 4000mAh. Without waiting for long, you can charge it in as low as three hours.

Your street commute should not be a hassle and manual effort is least expected in this technological era. The Caroma Electric Longboard offers you ergonomic remote control out of the box. Control speed and brakes and move forth and reverse without putting in any extra effort.  

Electric skateboard’s durability depends on the material used for a deck. Caroma Electric Longboard comes no less than a sturdy and powerful 8 ply maple wood with a maximum load capacity of 300lbs. Be it rough terrains, up-hills, or smooth roads, the electric longboard is going to be your best investment for life. 

You can’t enjoy a smooth ride without an electric skateboard having sturdy and shock-absorbing wheels. Caroma electric longboard skateboard has assembled wheels that offer you smooth and shock-free rides without feeling the jolts and bumps. 

Why I Recommend

  • Three Speed Modes 
  • Best for Kids and Teens
  • No Noise 
  • Can Work as an Ordinary Skateboard when out of charge 

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Charging Time May Vary  

3. Youth  Electric Skateboard Longboard by OppsDecor (Best for 8 Years and Older)

Youth Electric Skateboard Longboard is another addition to our best electric skateboard longboard. The load capacity of this electric skateboard is 286 pounds, still, ideally, it is great for beginners and pros. Let’s have a look at some of its features. 

Youth Electric Skateboard is powered by a 250-watt motor. The speed can go as high as 12mph and cover a distance of 10 miles per charge. In addition, the 2200mah battery can be charged within 2 hours. 

With the remote control, you can easily set 2 modes beginner and advanced. Moreover, keep track of your battery level and never run out of charge. Never slip your remote from the hand while riding fast as its ergonomic design helps you to carry and operate with ease.

The electric skateboard features a 35.4-inch deck length to give you more comfort and offer your foot more space. With 7 ply maple wood deck, go as rough as you can without worrying about breakage. 

Electric Longboards are designed to offer you more space and better foot positioning. Youth Electric Skateboard Longboard comprises of 7.5cm/2.9 inch wheel for a smooth experience, stability, and balance. Enjoy long rides without feeling the friction and with more stability.

Carrying your electric skateboard can be tough, especially if you have to carry it everywhere while shopping, in the café, or at a bar. But that won’t be an issue if you buy Youth Electric Longboard. Portable and easy-to-carry electric longboard offer convenience to the riders.

Why I Recommend

  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality Board for Durability
  • More Speed, Greater Range

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Cost of Shipment is too High

4.   Gyroor Electric Skateboards (Best longboard for adults)

Gyroor Electric Skateboard is the best electric longboard for adults. Avoiding parking fees is no longer a problem when you have Gyroor Electric Longboard with superb performance, top speed, and sturdy construction. Here are some of the features to give you an idea about why we picked it.

The electric longboard is best for adults as it offers ease while commuting in rush areas where parking is not available or if available, you need to pay the fee. Gyroor features 550w*2 double-speed motors. Achieve a maximum speed of 23mph without losing your balance. It can even climb a hill up to 30 degrees, which justifies the power of the motor.

Control like never before with a handy remote that features an LCD screen. Keep track of what speed you are riding at, how much distance you have covered, and the status of battery level. Keep away the guesswork and buy an electric longboard without any worries.

A powerful battery of 6000mAh allows you to cover more distance in less charge. Running out of battery in the middle of a commute is a thing of the past.

Gyroor electric longboard is unique as it comes with dual motor drive in addition to 90mm bigger PU wheels to offer greater shock absorption than smaller ones. Expect a smooth and bump-free ride, no matter what terrain you are riding on.

Gyroor electric longboard assures quality and offers you six months warranty on battery and one year on accessories. However, you will not be entertained except for non-quality problems. You can get in contact with technical support for a lifetime and they will provide you with all the assistance and offer updates.

Why I Recommend

  • Powerful Dual Motors
  • Quality Assurance
  • Better Shock Absorption
  • Best for Adults and Beginners
  • Visual Display on Remote

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • None So Far

5. Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard (Best Lightest e-Longboard)

Searching for Electric Longboard offering speed, stability, and durability is somewhat challenging. But not when you have Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard available at amazon.com. Here’s an overview of the Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard.

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard comes with a 12mm ultra-thin deck, making it lightweight and easy to carry. The electric longboard weighs only 14.6lbs, offering you ease when carrying. Moreover, the batteries are assembled in the deck to offer you portability while commuting.

Commuting on an electric longboard means having top speed after the equipment ignites. Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard offers you a speed of 22Mph in fast mode. Never be late when attending classes, going to a friend’s place, or meeting someone in a restaurant.

What makes the Teamgee H5 Longboard unique is its capacity to ride and climb on hills to as much as 20 degrees. Isn’t that enough for you to enjoy long and sloppy rides without losing your balance?

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard comes with a remote control out of the box. Control your speed, acceleration, braking, and backward and forward movement with ease. Both novice and pro skateboarders will find it easy to carry and manage.

Why I Recommend

  • Best Electric Longboard for Beginners
  • Customer Support is Awesome
  • Ultra-Lightweight, Easy to Carry, and Portable

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Unable to Manage Sharp Turns

6. Tooluck Electric Longboard (Best Electric Longboard for Carving)

If you are a teenager, you might be looking for something not very expensive, then Tooluck Electric Longboard has everything you need to experience riding than never before. Here are some notable features you need to know.

We assume that as a teenager, you are not weighing up to 100Kg. That is why Tooluck is considered the best electric longboard for adult teens. Simple and easy to operate, the electric longboard brings everything you need to develop your skills.

There is no need to ride an electric longboard at a speed without having full control as a beginner. Tooluck Electric Longboard is equipped with a 350W brushless motor allowing you to achieve top speed up to 12Mph. Commute to your nearest supermarket, go to a friend’s house, and your college campus without spending much time on busy streets.

Tooluck Electric Longboard features PU shock absorption tires. Not only does it offers optimal grip on the road, but also rough terrains and bumpy paths. Turning experience is smooth and stable allowing you to keep your balance.

If you are living in an area where fog grips the city, riding any vehicle or board can be dangerous without having a fog lamp. Tooluck comes with a frog eye lamp to make the terrain bright in low-light conditions.

Normally, you might experience a traffic load in the peak hours when everyone is rushing to the workplace or college. But Tooluck Electric Longboard allows you to ride anywhere regardless of what place you want to go.

Carrying an electric longboard might be challenging if you want to go from place to place. But Tooluck longboard is ultra-lightweight and compact making it easy to carry anywhere you go.

Why I Recommend

  • Frog Eye Lamp for Better Viewing in Low Light Conditions
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Easy to Carry
  • Ideal Electric Longboard for all Ages including Teens and Adults
  • High Grip Wheels for Balancing and Turning

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Customer Support is Not Responsive
  • Battery May Not Last as Advertised

7. Windseeker G5 Electric Longboard (Best Longboard for Heavy Riders)

Windseeker Electric Longboard is not only picked for it is a longboard. But also it has been picked for being able to manage heavy riders. Here’s what you need to know about before buying Windseeker electric longboard.

Windseeker Electric Longboard is not just an ordinary skateboard. Wheels are made of PU material with a new skin that not only offers stability and more grip but also a unique and beautiful look.

Normally you will find plenty of longboards on the market with greater length, but narrow width. However, Windseeker Electric Longboard is composed of a wider body, helpful in fitting your feet comfortably. In addition, the sinking design of the board helps in controlling the center of gravity without any trouble.

Windseeker G5 Longboard is not an ordinary board. With intelligent sensor color light, the skateboard can sense direction and running speed. To turn on the intelligent sensor light, you need to long-press “Reverse” on the remote control.

A dual 450W hub motor can give you the boost and speed without waiting much. Go as high as 27mph and bring more thrill to your daily commute. But make sure to have safety electric skateboard accessories including helmets and knee & elbow pads.

Whether you are riding an electric longboard for the first time or have achieved the pro level, the Windseeker G5 helps you adjust the speed accordingly. With three speed modes, you can achieve a maximum speed of 27mph and as low as 10mph.

Why I Recommend

  • Best Longboard for Heavy Riders (Capacity 330lbs)
  • Intelligent Sensor Color Light
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Best for Short Trips

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • No Reason

8. JKING Electric Longboard (Best for Teens and Heavy Riders)

What does everyone needs for short and long commutes on electric longboards? Probably, speed, more charging, and waterproof body. JKING Electric Longboard provides everything you might be looking for. Here’s what’s being offered by JKING Electric Longboard.

If you have struggled in the past with electric longboards due to lesser mileage and slower speed, then worry not because JKING Electric Longboard comes with a 7500mAh battery. Accelerate your longboard at a speed of 26mph, and cover a distance of up to 19.5 miles in a single charge. Power up your battery in only 4 hours for your next ride.

JKING Longboard is equipped with a more reliable brushless motor as compared to a belt-driven motor. The electric longboard also works without any motor, even if motor wheels become dysfunctional. In case, your motor wheels do not function properly, you only need to replace the sleeve rather than a complete motor.

JKING Electric Longboard comes with two-color LED lights, which will change with the speed and direction of a longboard. As soon as you kick-start your longboard, the LED lights will turn on automatically. And if it remains in the idle position, the LED lights will turn off automatically. LED Lights installed on JKING Electric Longboard ensures a safe ride in the dark areas.

Whether you are riding an electric longboard skateboard to enhance your skills, commute to your college, or for fun, you can control it better with remote control provided out of the box. Adjust to any speed more from slow, medium, and high along with forward and backward movement and braking.

If you are riding an e-skateboard on a wet day, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of its body. The waterproof body guarantees to give you stability without slipping from it.

Why I Recommend

  • LED Lights for Safer Rides at Night
  • Brushless Hub Motor
  • Remote Control for Speed Adjustments
  • Waterproof and Sturdy Body

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Braking System is Not Reliable

9. OUDEW Electric Longboard (Best Electric Skateboard Longboard for Beginners, Kids, and Youth)

When it comes to the best electric longboard for beginners, there is no better way to train except by riding on OUDEW electric longboard. Suitable for all ages including kids, teens, and youths. Here’s an overview of some of the features.

The OUDEW Electric Longboard is made for everyone whether it be beginner, professional, kids, or youth. With 41×9.5 inch deck dimensions, the electric longboard is easy to ride on without losing control. Easy braking, more balance, and better space for adjusting foot make it easy for pros and beginners to ride in any way they want.

OUDEW electric longboard is made of high-quality Canadian maple wood with an anti-slip feature to offer you more grip and stability without losing control. Supporting the weight of up to 250lbs, OUDEW Electric Longboard is the best skateboard for kids and teens.

Wheels are the most important part of any vehicle including a skateboard. The better the quality of wheels, the greater the speed and stability are. OUDEW Electric Longboard features 50mm anti-shock PU wheels along with PU bushings and ABEC 9 precision bearings. All of them help you in enjoying a smooth ride. Moreover, the T-Tool allows you to tighten screws and repair your skateboard without any prior experience.

The electric longboard has a strong build quality comprising thick aluminum trucks of 7 inches. No matter, how roughly you use it and what surface you ride on, OUDEW Electric Longboard withstands all types of wear and tear without bearing any loss.

OUDEW Electric Longboard comes with a T-tool facility to help you assemble and disassemble. If you have any problem with the quality, you can always ask for a full refund within 30 days.

Why I Recommend

  • Ideal Electric Longboard for Beginners, Kids, and Experts
  • Assembling and Disassembling is not an Issue
  • Full Refund within 30 Days
  • Non-Slip Surface and Quality Build

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Shipping Handling is not up to Par

10. Teamgee H20 Electric Longboard (Best e-board for Teens and Adults)

When it comes to adjusting your foot on a skateboard, you might not be able to maintain balance due to a shortage of space. But not when you buy Teamgee H20 Electric Longboard offering a 39-inch board deck. Some other notable features include:

Teamgee H20 E-board is not an ordinary skateboard offering a single-drive motor. Single drive motor can’t even offer climbing uphill. However, Teamgee uses a dual 600W brushless motor for faster speed, enhanced power, and driving uphill up to 30 degrees.

Detachable motors offer you convenience and ease without disassembling all the parts. Teamgee H20 features detachable motor wheels so that you can easily replace wheels without any hassle.

One-piece tires are not easily replaceable and end up with a high replacement cost when the wheels are worn out. But not when you buy Teamgee Electric Skateboard that can be easily upgraded, even if you have no prior knowledge.

Teamgee Electric Longboard strives to offer safety to the riders. If you have any damaged parts or need any assistance, you can contact Teamgee customer support 24 hours a day.

Electric skateboards are normally designed to offer a short commute, and not for commuting intercity. With a single charge that requires only 4 hours, Teamgee can cover a range of up to 30KM.

Teamgee Longboard is easy to control offering up to 4-speed modes along with 4 brake modes. You just need to press the speed button to switch to brake mode. No matter, how experienced you are or a beginner, Teamgee H20 Longboard adjusts to the different levels of riders.  

Why I Recommend

  • 1200W Brushless Motor
  • Detachable Motor Wheel for Easy Replacement
  • 4 Brake Modes and Speed Modes
  • Battery Box and Control Box Made of Aluminum

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Battery Quality is not up to Par

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is an electric longboard worth it?

    If you want to avoid traffic jams, commute shorter distances, and want to contribute towards a green environment, then an electric longboard is worth it.

  2. How much are electric longboard?

    An electric longboard can cost you from a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars. It all depends on what brand and type of electric longboard you choose.

  3. Are electric longboards safe?

    Yes, electric longboards are safe, and if you know how to ride and take care of its wear and tear, and replace.

  4. How long do electric longboards last?

    How long electric longboards last depends upon several factors such as frequency of use, riding conditions, manufacturing quality, and riding style.

  5. How fast can electric longboard go?

    Electric longboard speed can vary from one brand to another. Normally, the speed offered by different manufacturers ranges from 18mph to 28mph.

  6. Can you use an electric longboard manually?

    Yes you can use an electric longboard manually, but the experience will not be the same as you ride a normal skateboard

  7.  Can you take an electric longboard on a plane?

    Taking an electric longboard on a plane depends on what airline you are using. Different airlines have different sets of rules and regulations, which you need to check before boarding.

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