7 Best Budget Electric Longboards for the Money

Skateboarding is being used by people for commuting short and medium distances within the city. The reason is obvious that these electric skateboards are easy to carry, cost-effective, and offer a thrilling experience while riding at top speed.

A longboard is the subcategory of skateboard which originally dates back to the 70s after urethane wheels came into existence.

The major difference between a longboard and a skateboard is that the longboard offers smooth rides due to its large and soft wheels. In contrast, skateboards have harder and smaller wheels.

If you are searching for the cheap fast electric longboard on the market, you might get yourself banged up with hundreds of longboards.

But wait before you purchase because we are going to make it easy for you to select the best electric longboard for money and keep your wallet fat. Let’s start.

1. Breeze II SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard (Best Mid-Range Electric Longboard)

Best budget electric longboard is not about spending the least and getting worst.

SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard is offering speed, stability, durability, and control more than any other longboard for the money.

Here are some of the features to help you buy the best budget electric longboard.

If you have been searching for the best electric longboard for the money, we would recommend you to try this one.

Offering speed as high as 30Mph, lets you cover short and medium distances without being late.

Be it reaching your friend’s place, your college campus, or somewhere really important, Skatebolt Electric Skateboard keeps you moving on. And on top of that, you can cover distances up to 11 miles in medium mode – only possible with a 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery.

If you are using an electric longboard frequently, chances are that your wheels go wear out. And replacing the wheels of any skateboard is daunting and tough for beginners.

But not when you buy Breeze II Skatebolt Electric Longboard because wheels can be easily replaced without doing any tweaks with the motor.

Starting your ride on an electric longboard should be easy, smooth, and without any effort. Skatebolt electric longboard can be automatically turned on with a little slide of your foot just like you do on any ordinary skateboard.

When it comes to braking, most electric skateboards offer only one mode, which brings the skateboard to halt.

But not when you buy SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard offering 4 brake modes. If you are riding at a normal speed, and want to apply brakes without completely stopping it, make sure to adjust the settings on your remote control.

Riding without a light at night can cause fatal accidents if you are riding it on a completely dark path. Skatebolt has two taillights, which flash when you apply the brakes.

SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard is made of two layers of fiberglass and bamboo. You can ride roughly and on any terrain without worrying about its wear and tear.

Ride as much as you want and get the best electric longboard for the money.

SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard also comes with a 6-month after-sales service. If you have any issues with the quality or need to replace any defective part, contact the after-sales service center located in Los Angeles.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • Solid Bamboo and Fiber Glass Construction
  • Acceleration Speed is Awesome
  • Two Taillights for Braking

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • Shorter Mileage
  • The Battery may Act Up

2. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard (Best Electric Longboard for Birthday and Christmas Gift)

Hiboy is one of the renowned and trusted manufacturers of e-skateboards, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

If you are looking for something economical, yet supreme electric longboard, Hiboy S22 E-skateboard is something you can trust on. Here’s an overview of some of the features of the Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard.

The solid construction of the Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Longboard makes it a superb choice for people looking for the best electric longboard for the money.

The Hiboy S22 features an A-grade Canadian Maple wood, non-slip surface, and concave design for better control, stability, and drive.

The skateboard can hold up to 220Lbs weight, which is a great add-on to kids, teens, and adults skateboard collections.

The dual hub motor is the key to boosted power and solid ride. Hiboy S22 is no exception as it comes with a powerful 250W*2 dual hub motor giving the extra boost and speeds up to 18.5mph and 20 degrees uphill ride without stopping or sliding.

The 5000mAh battery offers up to 13 miles on a single charge, which makes a shorter commute a breeze.

Braking and accelerating are two main features that need to be up to the mark. Hiboy S22 offers 4 modes of ride along with 4 brake modes to adjust to your riding conditions.

Control everything from your remote and experience smooth and steady ride without spending much.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • Best Electric Longboard for Gift
  • Solid and Unique Construction for Durability
  • 4 Modes Braking and Riding
  • Dual Motors with Solid Battery

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • Customer Service is Terrible

3. Vivi Electric Longboard (Best Longboard for Teens, Kids, and Adults)

Looking for the best budget electric longboard for teens under $200, Vivi electric longboard meets your criteria. With so much to offer, here’s a look at some of the features of Vivi’s electric longboard.

One of the most challenging for any teen or kid is to carry an e-board wherever they go. Vivi electric longboard is portable and small weighing only 8.8lbs. You can easily carry it anywhere without feeling the weight or extra burden.

Vivi electric longboard cruises at a top speed of 12.4Mph. If you are riding in a busy area, you can adjust the speed to low or medium at 6.2mph or 9.3mph.

After riding an electric longboard for a while, you might feel the noise due to the poor quality bearings used. But not in the case of the Vivi electric longboard with the inclusion of high-speed and powerful bearing.

Riding an electric longboard is not limited to only smooth and clear surfaces. You can’t avoid rough terrains and bumpy roads for your daily commute.

Vivi electric longboard features high-quality shock-absorbing wheels allowing you to ride without any difficulty.

Vivi strives to offer optimal support to its customers. That is why they provide 1-year after-sales service for parts replacement. You can contact customer support 24 hours a day for any concerns or assistance.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • High-quality No Noise Bearings
  • High Speed up to 12.4mph
  • Lightweight and Waterproof Body
  • 1 Year After Sales Service
  • Ideal for Teens and Kids

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • Motor Not Powerful

4. Windseeker Electric Longboard (Best Longboard for Graffiti Lovers)

If you love style, fun, and quality without spending much, you can trust Windseeker Electric Longboard.

The best thing about this e-longboard is its stylish and stunning design for graffiti lovers. Here are some other notable features of electric longboard for budget-savvy people.

Windseeker Electric Longboard is equipped with a single 450W motor offering three-speed levels.

Go as slow as 6.25mph and as high as 20mph according to the condition and your expertise. The 4000mah battery can be charged within a few hours and offer you a ride up to the last mile.

Riding an electric longboard on rough surfaces can cause damage to the battery. But not when you have Windseeker e-skateboard features ABS+PP material to keep your battery protected from any damages and harm.

Moreover, the battery is also protected from being overheated with heat dissipation holes.

Windseeker electric longboard helps you keep track of the battery with the help of an LED indicator.

There is no need to make trips to your nearest to fix your electric longboard. You can always contact customer support to get your problems resolved.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • Separate Box for Battery
  • Best for Giving Gift
  • Graffiti Patterns for Style
  • 5 Maple and 2 Bamboo Deck Body
  • Best Electric Longboard for Teens and Kids

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • Remote’s Quality is not at Par

5. JKING Electric Longboard with Remote Control (best electric longboard for short commute)

An electric longboard is a cost-effective means of transport. But with a wide range of longboards available on the market, picking the best electric longboard for money is daunting.

JKING is undoubtedly the best brand to rely on when it comes to the best skateboard brands. Here’s what it has to offer for an extremely low price.

Spending a few bucks to get the best electric longboard needs to be powerful enough to give full throttle and mileage. JKING Electric Longboard is the best e-skateboard for beginners offering up to 2000mAh battery to give you a speed of up to 12.4Mph.

Although it does not offer mileage as compared to others, still you can commute to 5.2 miles with a full charge, which is not a bad deal for kids.

JKING longboard is only 8,8lbs and offers solid construction with premium waterproof PP material. Can bear a weight of up to 160lbs, and a non-slip surface offers you a secure ride even in wet weather.

The budget electric longboard is equipped with 350w brushless hub motor, which offers solid performance as compared to belt driven motor. The electric longboard can be driven like an ordinary skateboard even without any power.

Without a remote, an e-skateboard would be an ordinary skateboard. But JKING e-longboard comes with a multifunctional remote out of the box.

Accelerate, brake, and move forward and backward with just the touch of a button.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • Ultra Lightweight, Portable and Solid Construction
  • Perfect for Small Commute
  • Can be Driven without Power
  • Great Gift for Kids and Teens
  • Fully Charge in 2 Hours

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • Customer Support Not Provided

6. iENYRID Electric Skateboard (Best Electric Longboard for Beginners)

Starting your commute on an electric longboard should not begin with a premium one.

Especially when you want an electric longboard for kids and teens who need something basic to get started.

iENYRID Electric Longboard is one of the best electric longboards for beginners. Let’s take a quick overview of some of the features.

With a charging time of only 2 hours, the electric skateboard longboard will help you achieve a maximum speed of 12.4mph.

For shorter distances, iENYRID e-skateboard offers you a range of 6.21 miles, which helps you to visit the nearest park, your friends living just a few blocks away, or commute to the nearest grocery store.

Electric longboards are meant to offer convenience wherever you go. Without it being lightweight, you might need to think of a better alternative.

But not when you get iENYRID Electric Longboard for covering short distances and carrying all the time.

iENYRID Electric Longboard is not an ordinary skateboard. The longboard comes with a hub motor instead of belt driven motor.

The benefit of a brushless motor is that you can use it just like a regular skateboard. Moreover, a brushless motor is more reliable and needs little to no maintenance. iENYRID also can climb up to 10 degrees uphill.

Get control of everything in your hand with wireless remote control whether it be braking, acceleration, reverse or backward movement.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • Brushless Motor for More Reliability
  • Easy to Carry and Lightweight
  • Use out of the Box without Assembling
  • Perfect Gift for Kids and Teens

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • None So Far

7. Elifine Electric Longboard (Best longboard for adults and beginners)

The last on our list of best electric longboards for the money is Elifine Electric Longboard. It is also the best electric longboard for adults and beginners with a maximum load capacity of 220lbs.

Here’s what you need to know about Elifine Electric Longboard before you buy.

Elifine Electric Longboard is made up of a hard maple deck with a unique design to allow better control. The kick tail and concave design allow riders to gain more speed and easy to commute. In addition, it is extremely lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere with ease.

As we have mentioned earlier in the previous longboard reviews that belt-driven motor is not reliable as a brushless hub motor.

Elifine Electric Longboard is equipped with a 350W brushless hub motor so that you don’t have to take care of its maintenance.

The Elifine electric longboard is made for all types of surfaces due to its high grip on urethane wheels.

Whether it be a smooth road or rough terrain, the electric longboard ensures to provide a seamless riding experience without feeling the bumps.

Elifine Electric Longboard contains a highly powerful battery of 24V 2200AH lithium-ion battery. Charge your board within 2 hours and gear yourself up for the next ride without waiting much.

Don’t leave it uncharged for a longer period and make sure to charge it once every month even if you are not using it.

Out of the box, you will be getting a wireless remote to control all the functions of longboard with ease. Never slip the remote from your hand by utilizing the wrist band for better grip.

Why I Recommend to Buy

  • Charging Time is only 2 Hours
  • 350W Brushless Hub Motor for More Reliability
  • Best electric longboard for adults and beginners
  • Maximum Range and Load Capacity

Why I Don’t Recommend to Buy

  • None So Far

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the best electric longboard?           

A. If you want to buy the best electric longboard, we would recommend you to read our blog “Top 10 Electric Longboards 2022”.

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