Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?

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  • Is Skateboarding/longboarding good exercise
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  • Is skateboarding a good leg workout?
  • Does skateboard count as cardio?
  • Health benefits of skateboarding

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?

Going to the gym seems a boring and obsolete way to start shaping your body.

With so many outdoor sports to count on, you might be wondering, is cruising on a skateboard a good exercise?

The answer is “Yes”, you can improve your health and count it as a regular workout practice.

On top of it, you will find it fun cruising your skateboard and displaying some skills.

It is not only a modern way to commute from one place to another.

But also allows your body to stay active by using different muscles.

Now let’s move on to the health benefits of skateboarding, in which we will cover how is skateboarding well for you and your health.

Health Benefits of Skateboarding

The health benefits of skateboarding or longboarding are numerous.

If you have been struggling to find the way to the gym, skateboarding would help you come out of your comfort zone.

Here are some of the health benefits of longboarding/skateboarding.

Enhances Flexibility

Skateboarding enhances your flexibility. Your mind and body are working simultaneously and experience different types of motions and movements to control your board.

If you are a pro, you might challenge yourself with different aerobics and stunts. It results in greater movement, and more sweating, and provides you the same or more of a workout compared to running on a treadmill.

Putting More Hours to Challenge Physically

If you are a gym rat, you know how physical challenge can lead to greater benefits. Skateboarding is just another way to put your body to the test and shape the body like never before.

Better Reflexes

Cruising on a skateboard leads to better reflexes in your body. You have to keep yourself active all the time both physically and mentally to keep balance and avoid any type of injuries.

Skateboarding Helps Relieve Stress

Workout is a great way to deal with stress and any form of mental disruptions.

As your mind is actively working and tends to forget things that are running and disturbing you from the inside out.

You Get Better with Precision

Cruising on a skateboard requires you to pay close attention. If you get distracted or miscalculate the distance, you might have severe injuries.

Skateboarding is a great way to boost your precision such as braking, accelerating, and slowing.

Is Skateboarding Good For Losing Weight?

Is skateboarding good for losing weight? The answer is yes definitely it burns a huge amount of calories. Jumping, leaning, pushing, and cruising all require physical movement, resulting in sweat and burning of calories.

Does skateboard count as cardio?

It has been proven scientifically that skateboarding is a complete workout activity that is good for the cardiovascular system. It also strengthens your muscles, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Is skateboarding a good leg workout?

Skateboarding is not just pushing the pedal and staying idle for the rest of your time. It helps in developing abs, hamstrings, quads, lower back, and glutes.

So if you are looking forward to getting a membership in a gym for your legs, try something different. Skateboarding is a good leg workout for anyone who wants to keep their legs sturdy and muscular.

Mental Benefits of Skateboarding

Mental benefits of skateboarding are numerous.

In the recent research and studies conducted by Flo Skatepark and Instinct Laboatory has found that skateboarding can reduce stress level and provide relaxation.

As we have mentioned earlier about the physical health benefits of skateboarding.

But the researchers have found that people who take part in skateboarding are less prone to boredom and offer them entertainment. It also boosts confidence and act as a mechanism for emotions.

Apart from the studies, adults who were involved in skateboarding activity feel the sense of achievement.

According to the estimated figure, there is a rise of as much as 70,000 skateboarders in United Kingdom that also includes females experiencing skateboarding for the first time.

If you are one of those looking for mental benefits of skateboarding can start from today and get the relief from anxiety, stress, and boredom.

Summing Up

The overall health benefits both physical and mental are splendid. If you have not tried skateboarding before, now is the time to invest a little amount in buying the best skateboard.

If you are low on budget, you can try our handpicked budget electric longboards for the money. Or you can choose best electric skateboards ranging from budget to premium and mid-range.

  1. <strong>Is longboarding a good exercise?</strong>

    Yes longboarding is a good exercise as it involves the movement of muscles and body parts.

  2. <strong>Is skateboarding good for losing weight?</strong>

    Skateboarding is good for losing weight as it burns calories, produces sweat, and involves a lot of muscle movement.

  3. <strong>Is skateboarding a good leg workout?</strong>

    Yes, skateboarding is a good leg workout. You need to push and control your skateboard with the help of your legs, quads, and back  

  4. <strong>Does skateboarding count as cardio?</strong>

    Yes skateboarding count as cardio as it involves an intense workout leading to healthy cardiovascular health. 

  5. <strong>Does longboarding work your abs?</strong>

    Yes longboarding work your abs and strengthen them to give you a good body shape.

  6. <strong>Does longboarding burn more calories than walking?</strong>

    Longboarding burn more calories than walking might be possible depending on the amount of time you spend. As longboarding involves more muscle movements and relxes, an hour of longboarding can burn more calories than hour of walking.

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