10 Interesting Facts about Skateboards and Skateboarding

In this post, we will discuss some of interesting facts about skateboards and skateboarding.

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Skateboard was first introduced in 1950, originally an idea taken from surfing.

Back in the day, skateboarding was called sidewalk surfing.

From simple skateboards containing wooden decks to electric skateboards and longboards, it has become a popular form of Street Commute.

People are shifting from ordinary cars to skateboards and other electric bikes due to;

  • Congestion of traffic
  • Easy to commute and carry
  • No Insurance cost required
  • Easy to buy and maintain

If you have been an electric skateboard longboard fan, you might be interested in knowing more about the facts.

Let’s begin.

Interesting Facts about Skateboards and Skateboarding

Wooden Crate with Wheels

It is not yet confirmed the origin of skateboards but it all started with roller skate wheels attached to wooden boards.

Sixth Popular Sport in the World

The Skateboarding trend is growing all over the globe, especially in the United States.

California is the biggest hub of skateboarders and is considered to be the most popular area known for them.

First Skateboard on the Market

The first skateboard was first introduced to the market in 1959.

It was called Roller Derby Skateboard.

The built of the first-ever skateboard was not as we see it today.

The wheels were made of clay attached to a wooden board.

However, with the passage of time, skateboards evolved and were introduced with new features.

Skateboarding was Called Sidewalk Surfing

The activity was called sidewalk surfing instead of skateboarding.

It was due to the fact that skateboarders usually mimicked the techniques of surfers, but instead of water, they surfed on concrete surfaces.

Norway Banned Skateboarding

Norway banned skateboarding from the year 1978-1989 due to an increased number of accidents.

It was not even legal to import skateboards, own them, and sell them.

If anyone was found in such activities, he/she would be fined hefty money.

Riding a Skateboard was Barefoot

As I have discussed, skateboarding was called sidewalk surfing.

People used to consider it sea surfing and rode it barefoot.

Moreover, to make the skateboard jump, the rider had to wrap the toes around the board.

Most Dangerous Sports

Skateboarding is considered to be the most dangerous sport.

As many as 100,000 skaters are injured every year.

One of the reasons for accidents is not using protective gear while riding a skateboard.

It is therefore necessary to invest in skateboarding protective gear to prevent accidents leading to broken bones and fractures.

Arizona had its First Skate Park

Arizona was the first place to have a skate park built in 1965.

The park had a bowl set up just like we see in modern skating parks and arenas.

Fast forward, to 1976, the skate parks were opened in almost every state including California.

However, the oldest private skateboard park is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Skateboarding was Part of the Olympics 2020

Skateboarding became part of the Olympics in 2020.

But there is still controversy about whether skateboarding is really a sport or just another form of art.

On the announcement of skateboarding being part of the Olympics 2020, mixed reactions were seen across the board.

A billion Dollar Industry

Skateboarding is now a billion-dollar industry with a value of $2 billion.

The popularity of skateboarding is not only due to the thrill and physical exercise it offers.

It is a great means of transport, especially for students.

Moreover, the rising prices of fuel all over the globe and increasing pollution have given immense popularity to skateboarding.

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