How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Longboard Cost?

How much does an electric skateboard longboard cost?

The question is often asked by people who are finding alternatives to traditional commuting means including cars and public transport.

An electric skateboard longboard can cost anywhere from $150-$200 for novice and kids skateboards. While if you are a pro skateboarder, you can find premium-built electric skateboard longboards in the range of $500-$2500 and above.

With so many electric skateboard longboard brands and models, you can find cheap electric skateboard longboards, mid-range e-longboards, and premium electric longboards.

It all depends on what type of material is used for the construction of the electric skateboard.

Moreover, equipment such as motor, remote, wheels, and other electric skateboard longboard accessories are also used to determine these boards’ prices.

Budget electric skateboard longboards are ideal for beginners and kids. While premium and mid-range electric skateboard longboards are suitable if you know how to ride an electric skateboard without hitting or falling down the ground.

Here’s a table to make it clear about how much an electric skateboard’s longboard costs.

How Much Electric Skateboard Longboard Cost

Electric Skateboard ModelPrice Range

*The prices mentioned are just an overview and may change

How Much Does It Cost To Build an Electric Skateboard Longboard?

If you feel you can build an electric skateboard longboard yourself, go for it. But the question is how much does it cost to build an electric skateboard longboard?

“According to, the cost to build an electric skateboard ranges from $350 to over $1000”.

Taking into consideration the DIY electric skateboard cost, you can check different stores selling electric skateboard longboard accessories which include the deck, battery, remote, wires, LED light, and many more.

However, if you don’t have enough budget, you can go for an ordinary skateboard longboard that requires manual effort to ride.

In my opinion, buying online is the best option as it will help you save time and labor.

Especially, if you want to gift a skateboard longboard to your kid on a birthday or Christmas.

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