Black Friday 2023

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.

It is officially and unofficially called the start of the shopping season. All big brands and stores including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Microsoft offer early-bird discounts to shoppers to attract them, increase sales, and generate high volume low priced sales.

In the past decade, the trend has transitioned from offline shopping to online shopping. Nevertheless, Black Friday Sales is no more a one-day event.

When is Black Friday 2022?

As mentioned earlier, the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.

Black Friday 2022 in the USA will be on Friday 25th November 2022.

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Why is it called Black Friday?

Black Friday is called black Friday because the mainstream shoppers created traffic accidents and in a few incidents, violence erupted.

Police devised the phrase to describe the chaos surrounding the congestion of pedestrians and traffic in shopping areas.

Black Friday History 1929

Black Friday existed long before the busy shopping day came into existence. In the 1950s, people named it as sick the day after “Thanksgiving” to enjoy a four-day weekend.

The stores remained open in those days and savvy shoppers liked to keep themselves busy in shopping.

Earl Apfelbaum who dealt in rare stamps originally coined the name Black Friday in 1966. In his ad, he claimed that Black Friday is the name given by the Philadelphia Police Department following thanksgiving day.

Though the terms were not regarded as kind words or compliments, Black Friday officially announces the Christmas shopping season in the center city.

The day bought huge traffic chaos and overcrowded sidewalks as the downtown stores were mobbed from opening until closing.

Black Friday Myths and Facts

Black Friday is celebrated each year and most people are interested more in knowing the facts and myths rather than shopping. So let us unveil the reality and correct the myths surrounding around for many years.

Black Friday Myths

Stock Market Crash 1929: Black Friday is normally associated with the stock market crash in late 1929, which kicked off the great depression. However, the event took place on Tuesday and not on Friday.

In fact, the event took place back in 1869 that was also in September.

Biggest Shopping Day of the Year: Black Friday is said to be the biggest shopping day of the year. However, the fact is that the biggest shopping day of the year is Saturday before Christmas.

Cyber Monday is the Busiest Online Shopping Day: Another myth surrounding people is that

Cyber Monday following Black Friday is the busiest online shopping day of the year. However, the fact is sales are unexpectedly low as compared to the Christmas shopping spree.

Black Friday Facts

The average black Friday discount is 37%.

It is not only limited to one day, but rather many brands also extend their deals to one week or provide early discounts prior to Black Friday.

According to a report from Adobe Systems, Thanksgiving Day beats Black Friday online shopping to catch on latest and best deals on electronics, apparel, and sporting goods

Email Marketing is an effective tool for Black Friday ads with a conversion of 4.29%, which is nearly three times the rate of social media ads according to Smart Insights.

174 million Americans shopped during Thanksgiving weekend in 2017, approximately 70% of U.S adults according to the National Retail Federation

According to the Consumer Confidence Index, Consumer confidence whopped to 137.9 in 2018, which is the biggest in 18 years

Black Friday Facts, Statistics, and Trends

Black Friday is the biggest day for shoppers looking forward to saving money. There are plenty of black Friday deals and Black Friday promotions. Some of the Black Friday sales to look for in 2022 are:

The holiday season starts around Thanksgiving and ends on New Year’s Eve.

However, Black Friday is also considered the busiest shopping day for the best promos, deals, and discounts. The volume of sales is quite high on Black Friday which is one of the crucial days for different online stores.

In general, nearly 30% of sales take place from Black Friday through Christmas. It is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for many businesses.

“After each passing year, the size of black Friday shoppers has steadily increased to 74 million in 2015 and 101.7 million in 2016”.

In 2017, the sales on Black Friday were third higher than the year 2015 with 137 million people taking part in shopping.

Most Popular Items on Black Friday (What to Buy in Black Friday Sale)

Normally the savings on products range from 20% to 60%, however, the average savings on black Friday is 37%.

Generally, every item on Black Friday gains a lot of traction due to money-saving deals, promos, and discounts. However, the top categories with the largest number of sales on Black Friday are:

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones were the top-selling items for Black Friday 2017 with an estimated 40% of overall online Black Friday Sales. Sales went up 11% from 29% in 2016.


Clothing is a highly popular sale item on Black Friday especially when it comes to teens and designer clothing. The average cut in prices ranges from 35% to 40% with sweaters and shoes being popular among all items.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are also discounted on Black Friday by as much as up to 50%, making it one of the popular items of Black Friday.

Shoppers can catch on the best deals on office supplies during Black Friday. The items with huge discounts on Black Friday include ink, printers, flash drives, and other major office supplies.


Travel-related items can see an average of 60% cut on items related to traveling including luggage and travel-related items.

Black Friday Statistics 2018 – How Much Money was Spent on Black Friday 2018

In 2018, Black Friday was still the most popular shopping day of Thanksgiving Weekend, with 116 million saying they planned to shop that day, vs. 76 million on Cyber Monday (Source: NRF)

Black Friday Statistics – How Much Money was Spent on Black Friday

Black Friday 2017 (Thanksgiving Day plus Black Friday) collected $7.9 billion in online sales. That is $5.03 billion spent on Black Friday and $2.87 billion spent on Thanksgiving.

This spending level is up 17.9% from 2016 (Source: Adobe Analytics)

Average per-person spending was $313.29 during Thanksgiving weekend in 2018 ($217 spent on gifts) (Source: NRF)

That’s down from the average per-person spending for Thanksgiving weekend in 2017 — $335.47, and $251 of that was for gifts. Older millennials (age 25 to 34) spent the most per person ($419.52) (Source: NRF)

Black Friday Sales and Deals

Black Friday deals and sales never start on Black Friday. Rather many retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, and Amazon offer plenty of deals and discounts a week before the day comes.

The competition is becoming tougher and tougher, and most brands and stores want to get the most out of it.

The research found that most of the Black Friday electronics deals are offered at the beginning of November.

The number of deals hit the highest a week before Thanksgiving. The average discount offered is around 20% for the entire week and it increases to 37% on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Black Friday is a great day for online deals offered on jewelry, appliances, TVs, tablets, laptops, gaming, and Smartphones.

Wait for Black Friday 2022 deals and stay tuned to for updated Black Friday deals, promotions, and sales.

Black Friday 2022 is not very far and everyone wants to get the best out of it. If a retailer offers early bird deals on Black Friday and wants you to get in line at 5 P.M on Thanksgiving Day to get the hands-on limited-time offer, you might have to do the marathon.

In previous years, it has been noticed that retailers who offer in-store sales also offer the same online.

So before you get yourself in the hassle of long queues, it is recommended to stay at home, enjoy your Thanksgiving Turkey, and enjoy shopping online for the best Black Friday Deals.

In the next section, we will discuss some of the tips to prepare for Black Friday 2022 and get the best deals, sales, and promotions offered by different retailers without getting in the hands of puns and fake deals.

How to Plan for Black Friday 2022? What to Do on Black Friday?

Black Friday 2022 is approaching very quickly. Before the deals run out, make sure to gear up and get ready to grab the most out of Black Friday 2022.

It is that time of the year when shoppers run mad to get the most lucrative Black Friday deals and promotions.

This year, Black Friday lands on November 25, 2022. However, it is not just one day of shopping, so don’t worry if you couldn’t catch up on the due date. Most of the stores will offer deals and discounts throughout the week and there is a lot more on cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday.

So, in case you are looking for tips to be prepared for Black Friday 2022, make sure to go through these tips and gear up as early as possible. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. What Do You Need? Make a List

Start preparing for Black Friday 2022 as early as today. Get a notepad and pen or make a list on your smartphone so that you can access it without worrying to lose. Look around and find what’s the most important thing that you and your family needed, but couldn’t afford due to a high price.

For instance, if you wished to have a gaming laptop or 50 inches smart TV, now is the time to buy.

Not only electronics, but you can also look through your closet and make a list of clothing and accessories that you always wished to have in your wardrobe.

Similarly, if you are looking forward to buying a blender, kitchen appliances, or something related to health and fitness, just write it down. You will be surprised to see a big list before the Black Friday 2022 shopping spree starts.

2. Look for the Best Products

After you have prepared a list on your phone or notepad, it is time to look for the best product in that particular category.

For instance, if you are looking for a Smart TV, offered by big brands like Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba, but you don’t know which one to pick. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Simply go through the list of televisions being offered by these brands and compare the features.

Find out which brand is offering more features and have higher ratings. Read reviews online and familiarize yourself with the specs. You are all done. Now when the black Friday shopping spree starts, just search for the model and brand, enter your credit card details and bang.

3. Bookmark Brands for Quick Comparison

The day has finally arrived and you are afraid of running out of time and missing the deal. In fact, you are looking for the best deal possible offered by retailers.

Save the bookmarks on your browser beforehand and check all of them on Black Friday 2022. After going through each retailer, you will find the best one offering at the lowest price. Check out immediately before the deal runs out.

4. Check the Prices before Black Friday

You might find that most of the stores are making fool out of customers in order to attract them. Some of the prices might be the same as that on normal days.

But the tricky store owners deceive customers by labeling the product with a discount price– however, the price is still the same as that of normal days.

5. Amazon Black Friday Deals – Get to Know How it Works

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms where Black Friday Deals and offers are second to none. Make sure that you are aware of complete site navigation in order to know where they post their best deals, promotions, and Black Friday offers.

Also, check Amazon’s best-seller section to find which items are selling like hot cake. By doing this, you will be able to get an idea about how the product is performing overall and what customers are saying about it.

6. Set Your Budget

Don’t let Black Friday 2022 run you out of money. You have to pay the bills, car insurance, grocery shopping, and many other petty expenses.

Make sure that you stay within your budget while shopping online on Black Friday 2022. Set your budget beforehand and stick to it. Set some rules and stick to them in order to be on the safe side.

7. Early Catch, More Savings

You will find plenty of Black Friday 2022 deals that would run out in a jiff of time. Some deals are strictly limited and when it comes to Amazon Black Friday deals 2022, it is more than true. So make sure that you prioritize your purchase and be prepared before the big day starts. No preparation would lead to returning empty-handed.

8. Use Comparison Engine

The best way to check the deals from gimmicks is to make use of a price comparison engine. Price comparison engines collect prices of various products from different retailers and display the result on a single page.

Savvy shoppers can conveniently look for products all in one place with prices offered at different retailers. For instance, Google Shopping is one of the most recommended and popular price comparison engines. Moreover, PriceGrabber also extracts data from various retailers to help shoppers compare prices.

Some of these websites also offer an add-on tool that can be installed on Google Chrome and Firefox, making it even easier for shoppers to view and compare prices.

You should bear in mind that comparison engines are not capable of extracting data from every retailer offering Black Friday deals and discounts. You may need to check the prices manually to avail the best Black Friday sales in 2022.

9. Go through Price History with CamelCamelCamel

Not every Black Friday Deal will help you save money. If you want to find out whether the item is on sale or not, just go to CamelCamelCamel, a website that displays the price history of any item sold on Amazon.

Copy Amazon’s product URL in camelcamelcamel and you will come across a chart outlining the price history on Amazon.

Moreover, you can also install “The Camelizer”, an add-on for browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. “Honey” is another add-on for the browser to track amazon prices online. It also gives detailed info on whether the third-party seller has a lower price on a specific item or not.

10. Phony Price Drops

Have you ever missed a deal offering 50% off? No one would ever miss the deal but wait. Most retailers make use of shopping events to trick shoppers and encourage them to buy the product. However, the discount is not even legit.

In order to spot phony price drops, make sure to verify the original price at the manufacturer’s website.

For instance, if a retailer offers Apple MacBook for 50% off at $600, make sure to check the original price on Apple’s Website. Retailers might inflate the price and then offer bogus discounts only to entice shoppers to buy.

The best way to save yourself from these gimmicks is to do a little research and find whether the price drop is actually being offered or not.

11. Spot Fake Reviews and Ratings

Fake reviews and ratings are found everywhere on the internet. You can’t spot right from wrong. It is almost impossible to know whether the review is legit or not, even if it is referred to as a verified review.

Fakespot helps analyze Amazon reviews and offers customers a grade based on the authenticity of the review. However, if you want to verify whether the reviews are genuine or not, find out what reviews are being posted.

For instance, “this is the best smartphone ever” would be quite a vague statement and falls in the fake review rather than explaining why it is the best one.

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022: What to Expect?

The biggest online retailer and giant, Amazon will offer plenty of Black Friday Deals, Black Friday Promotions, and Black Friday Sales to hit record-breaking sales like none other.

Black Friday Promotions and Marketing Strategy

Black Friday 2022 is just on the verge and no retailer can ever miss the chance to hit a high volume of sales as the consumers are projected to spend $717.5 billion this Black Friday.

Devising a black Friday marketing strategy is the key to successful Black Friday sales and Black Friday Promotions of your products and services. Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can gain traction among potential customers, existing customers, and new customers.

Send Gift Guides to Your Subscribers

If you are new to email marketing, you might not have any idea what works best. But in reality gift, guide-themed blogs and emails see a 48% higher transaction rate as compared to promotional emails.

Gift guides can be categorized according to the needs of the consumers, affordability, gender, location, and product/service type. Just visit your competitor’s blog and find out what kind of gift guides are they writing. Subscribe to their email newsletter and check their style of sending emails to subscribers. Once you have an idea, craft your own email and send it out to the people on your list.

Don’t forget that Email Subject Lines play a key role in engaging customers and converting them.

Promote Gift Ideas on Social Media

Social media networks play a vital role in attracting your customer base. Apart from sending gift guides through email, you can also promote individual gift ideas on social media. Black Friday promotions can be done effectively on social media channels. However, in order to drive more sales, you have to determine what type of social media channel suits your marketing campaign.

For instance, if you create an under $10 tech gifts guide, make sure to mention each product in a separate post. Don’t just stick to Facebook or Twitter, as Instagram and Pinterest are also flooded with hungry shoppers looking for affordable tech deals.

Don’t Forget to Promote Hourly Online Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two shopping events when hourly online deals gain a great amount of traction and drive sales. Email and social media platforms are ideal for getting more sales, so incorporate both of them in your Black Friday Marketing Strategy and Cyber Monday promotions.


Offer Mystery Savings – Create Anticipation

Black Friday Deals and mystery savings go side by side so do not miss out on this huge opportunity. The catch is not to reveal how much the email subscribers would save.

For instance, you can send an email to your subscribers offering savings of up to 10%, 15%, and 50%. Now anyone who is looking for a huge discount of up to 50% off would surely click the link in order to find which one is at half the price of the original price.

Gifts with Purchase – No One would Ever Miss

Black Friday promotions can be done in many ways and one of them is to offer gifts with purchase. Even a gift that costs no more than a dollar would entice the customers to purchase your product. For instance, a web hosting company can offer absolutely free domains for life (of course terms and conditions apply). Now it is your call, whether you offer some souvenir or a bag of goodies.

People Love Bundle Offers – Don’t Disappoint Them

People usually prefer to buy products in bundles especially when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For instance, if you were selling a razor along with a shaving gel, people would prefer to buy it instantly, even if they were not willing to do it before. Selling products individually would never be that effective as compared to bundle offers. Make sure that you tell buyers how much would they save.

The countdown would Help Increase Black Friday Sales

If you are looking forward to effective Black Friday Promotions, one of the best strategies is to create hype by offering deals for a limited time. Place a countdown timer on your website as well as your email newsletter so that people would flood in to buy your product before the time runs out.

Free Shipping for Subscribers

Converting customers is not a big deal when you offer free shipping to your subscribers as well as new customers. Rather than waiting for people to abandon their cart, simply offer them free shipping on placing orders of a specific amount.

For instance, you can offer free shipping on all orders above $50. It is one of the popular ways to convert customers especially when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Referral Campaigns; Way to Increase Black Friday Sales 

You need to be smart in order to get the most out of your black Friday promotions. Referral campaigns along with some rewards would be a great way to market your products and increase sales on Black Friday. For instance, ask your customers to share it with friends and whomsoever purchases through that link would avail 10% extra discount on the next purchase.

Offer Subscribers One Last Chance

There is a good way to increase sales as Cyber Monday ends. Send your subscribers one last email to avail the offer that they shouldn’t miss or otherwise wait for another year. Instigate your subscribers and set a deadline to avail of an offer. A great way to increase holiday sales, even if the conversion is not too high, but something is better than nothing.

Shopping Tips for Subscribers

Most of the shoppers might have never purchased an item on Black Friday or Cyber Monday before. Here is an opportunity for you to at least keep them engaged through your savvy shopping tips on Black Friday. Send your subscribers a catchy and enticing blog post revealing the best ways to save money online on Black Friday. People would love to read your content and share it on their social networks.

Launched a New Product – Promote it on Black Friday

It is never too easy to attract customers to your new product. Customers have many questions in their mind, whether it be worth their purchase or not, whether will it offer value for money or not, and whether it is worth giving a try or just another hyped product. Don’t miss the opportunity and give them as much as 95% off on your new product. You can also bring more subscribers by giving a free trial for a limited time.

Create and Send Testimonial Email to Subscribers

As discussed above you might have launched your new product just a week before Black Friday. Someone might have given a positive review of your product. Don’t ever miss the word of mouth and let your subscribers know how good your product is and why it is worth buying. It will help you convert hesitant prospects into leads and your product will surely be the talk of the town in the next few weeks.

Final Verdict

There are literally thousands of ideas you can utilize to increase sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The above-mentioned tips are just a glimpse of Black Friday Promotions and Black Friday Marketing Strategy. Open your minds and let the sales flood in this Black Friday, because you never know how one day and one strategy can help you win a fortune. Hopefully, you will get the best out of Black Friday this year with these simple and effective tips.

Stay Tuned for more Black Friday 2022 Deals, Promotions, and DIscounts

Frequently Asked Questions Black Friday

  1. How long does Black Friday last?

    Black Friday starts from the day after Thanksgiving and could last up to one week. However, the Black Friday sales can last up to as much time as retailers tend to, depending on their marketing campaign and strategy.

  2. When is Black Friday 2022?

    Black Friday 2022 in the USA will be on Friday 25th November 2022.

  3. Why is it Called Black Friday?

    Black Friday is called black Friday because the mainstream shoppers created traffic accidents and in a few incidents, violence erupted.

  4. What year did Black Friday start?

    It is quite difficult to say when the day after Thanksgiving turned into a huge shopping spree for savvy shoppers. However, some sources might agree that Black Friday started in the late 19th century.

  5. What does doorbuster mean on Black Friday?

    The term “Doorbuster” refers to the sale of a particular item or selection of items offered at a discounted price for a limited time to attract customers and get the doors busted with a rush.

  6. How early should you arrive for Black Friday?

    If you really want to get your hands on your favorite Black Friday Deal, just make sure to arrive as early as two hours before the door opens. In some cases, staying at home will do the job because most retailers offer convenience to the shoppers to shop online without moving.

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