5 Best Electric Longboards under 500 Dollars

In our recent post, we covered the best electric longboard for budget covering a wide range of electric longboard skateboards for beginners, adults, and kids.

But as soon as you have gained some expertise in riding an electric longboard for the money, you might be thinking of investing more money and getting some more features.

In this post, we are going to reveal some of the best electric longboards for under 500 dollars. Without further waiting, let’s feel the joy of a premium ride with these little costly, yet worth every penny e-longboards.

1. DresKar Electric Longboard (Best Electric Longboard for Teenagers)

Dreskar has a good reputation among e-skaters who are looking for value for money in the products they sell.

Dreskar Electric Skateboard is not an ordinary one as it features some of the best equipment in its making. Here’s an overview of Deskar Electric Longboard if you are looking for the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars.

The electric longboard has 900W dual brushless hub motors for best performance. With such a powerful motor, you can climb uphill to 25%.

Get better mileage with a single charge of as much as 12.5 miles. The top speed you can achieve is 25mph, which is excellent when it comes to short commutes within streets and pathways.

You cannot ride your electric skateboard at the same speed. Controlling and adjusting the speed from time to time is all part of it.

The DresKar Electric Longboard can be adjusted to three-speed modes from as high as 25mph and as low as 9.3mph. The medium speed (15.6mph) is ideal for commuting within public areas and on dangerous surfaces.

The deck is made of sturdy bamboo and maple wood, offering durability in the long run. It can withstand all types of rough terrains without being deformed. 

Moreover, it offers a strong grip on different terrains, offering a seamless riding experience for daily commute within streets or on the campus.

4000mAh Li-ion battery gives it enough energy to cruise and cover greater mileage up to 12.5 miles.

Why I Recommend

  • 1 Year Customer Support
  • Best Gift for Teenagers and Adults
  • Durable and Sturdy Deck
  • 3 Level Speed Adjustment

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Heavier than Other Longboards

2. HOLYWAY Electric Longboard (Best for Teens)

Searching for the best electric longboard for under 500 dollars should not be difficult when you are looking for something that gives you a better ride.

HOLYWAY Electric Longboard is just one of those electric longboards you have been searching for a while.

Especially if you are looking for an e-longboard for your teen boy or girl, make sure to consider giving it a try.

Let’s take a look at some of the features.

A 38.2-inch deck is composed of two layers of bamboo in addition to six layers of maple wood.

Without breaking or damaging the body, it can bear weight up to 220lbs. The waterproof nonslip material offers a safe ride during wet weather.

If you are buying an electric longboard for the first time, keep in mind that a brushless hub motor is better than any belt-driven motor due to its reliability and less maintenance.

One of the benefits of a brushless hub motor is that you can use your electric longboard like an ordinary one without having power.

So if your battery drains off completely in the middle of your commute, you can just ride it with the push of your foot.

In the technology-driven era, we can’t think of putting efforts manually. That is why HOLYWAY Electric Longboard offers a wireless remote to control the longboard with a push of buttons.

For instance, you can choose your speed mode from low to medium and high. Moreover, you can also easily move forward and backward with the help of remote control.

HOLYWAY Electric Longboard needs no assembling out of the box. You can just unpack it and start riding.

If you want to give your kid your next birthday present, make sure to consider giving HOLYWAY Electric Longboard.

Why I Recommend

  • Maximum Weight Support up to 220lbs
  • Quality Wheels with Good Elasticity
  • High-Speed Brushless Motor
  • Perfect Gift for Teens and Adults

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • No Reason

3. Puaida Electric Skateboard Longboard (Best for Beginners)

Cruising long distances with an electric longboard is a fun and thrilling experience. But if your skateboard is not good enough, you might get turned off due to its performance and quality.

Not to worry when you buy Puaida Electric Skateboard Longboard for commuting. Check its features to know more about it.

Puaida Electric Skateboard Longboard is the latest edition that comes with a highly powerful battery of 5200mAh.

If you are riding your skateboard at a medium speed, it can easily manage a distance of 18 miles. The top speed of the Puaida longboard is 19mph, which offers easy 20% climbing uphill.

The regenerative braking system in this longboard is reliable. EBS Electronic brake is easy to apply whether you are cruising at low speed or high speed.

The safe and stable design of this board easily handles weight up to 280lbs. The board and wheel are wide to offer a stable and smooth riding experience.

Puaida Electric Longboard gives a remote with a display to accelerate, brake, and move forward and backward.

You can even turn on the tail light with the help of a remote to ride at night safely. Electric longboard under 500 dollars offers you 4-speed modes along with 4 brake modes.

Check everything from the remote display and ride with ease at the speed you want.

Puaida electric longboard is approved with LVD, UL, EMC, and FCC.

If you are worried about buying the skateboard for the first time, bother not because 6 months warranty and repair service are all you need to get yourself covered for all the money you paid.

Why I Recommend

  • Intelligent Remote with Multiple Functions
  • EBS Electronic Brake for Better Braking
  • Durable, Sturdy, and Flexible Body
  • Great for Beginners to Learn Skateboarding
  • 6 Month Warranty

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Battery Life May Not Last Long

4. KYNG 38″ Electric Skateboard Longboard (Best Longboard for 8 Years and Older)

When looking for the best electric longboard brands, KYNG is a trusted name to start your skateboarding spree.

KYNG Electric Skateboard Longboard is not less than a premium electric skateboard with plenty of top-notch features. Here’s a review of the KYNG 38-Inch Electric Longboard.

KYNG Electric Longboard is one of the best electric longboards under 500 dollars for the performance it delivers and the quality it maintains.

Equipped with 450W dual motor, 5-layer Canadian maple wood, and 2-layer bamboo deck. The deck is so strong that it can hold up to 250lbs weight.

Riding an electric skateboard should be fun and seamless. KYNG Longboard is no exception as it provides 450W dual motors along with a powerful battery of 4000mAh. Achieve a maximum range of 12-15 miles at a speed of 23+mph.

KYNG Electric Longboard uses strong material comprising 2 layer bamboo deck along with 5 layer Canadian Maple Wood.

The wear and tear of the deck is almost impossible due to IP54 waterproof protection. Ride without worrying about slipping from the board in wet weather.

Moreover, the deck can carry a weight of up to 250 pounds without any hiccups.

Warranty and after-sale support is offered by KYNG so that if you find any problem with the parts, they can be replaced without bearing the extra cost.

Make sure to register within 30 days after purchase to claim warranty and after-sale support.

Whether you are a pro skateboarder or just a beginner, KYNG Longboard makes commuting easy with remote control out of the box.

Keep an eye on your battery through a wireless remote LCD display. Also, choose from 4 speed modes to control better in rushy areas.

Why I Recommend

  • IP54 Waterproof Protection Deck
  • Wireless Remote for Precision
  • Warranty for After Sale Support

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • Shipping Time May Take Longer

5. WOOKRAYS 38″ Electric Longboard with Remote (Best for Newbies and Pro Boarders)

WOOKRAYS is another best electric skateboard brand for providing top-notch quality, after-sale service, and unmatched boards.

WOOKRAYS Electric Longboard with remote is the top electric longboard under 500 dollars. Here’s what you need to know.

WOOKRAYS Electric Longboard is not an ordinary skateboard. It is equally good for adults and teens due to its lengthy board of 38 inches and unique looks.

Without limiting it for the daily commute, the electric longboard can also be used for fun and enjoyment.

Parents searching for gifts for their kid’s next birthday can buy WOOKRAYS Electric Longboard without giving it a second thought.

The 38-inch electric longboard is made of an 8-ply maple deck to withstand collisions and obstacles. The anti-slip deck ensures to give a better grip without getting out of shape. The maximum load you can put on is 330lbs.

WOOKRAYS produces some of the best electric skateboards for kids, adults, and teens. They ensure to provide everything that can help you ride longer and better.

With 36V, 6000mAh battery, you can cover up to 21 miles. And once the battery is completely drained off, it requires only 4 hours to fully charge.

90mm/3.5inch high-grip PU wheels keep hold of rough and smooth roads without giving hiccups and jolts.

WOOKRAYS electric longboard comes with a wireless remote to help you cruise at the speed you want. Apply brakes, move forward, and go back without any extra effort.

WOOKRAYS is the best electric skateboard brand which ensures you about its product’s quality. If you have any problem with the parts, you can contact customer support anytime. They will ensure timely support and resolve your issue.

Why I Recommend

  • Anti Slip Body for Better Grip
  • Timely Customer Service
  • 25% Up Hill Climbing
  • Best Longboard for Beginners and Advanced Skaters
  • UL Safety Test Passed

Why I Don’t Recommend

  • The controller is Sensitive to Touch

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